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Wool is back from the processor, check out our new rovings and freshly handspun yarns!


DreamCatcher Farm specializes in producing top quality wool for handspinners, weavers, felters and other fiber artists. We are focusing on using the heritage sheep breeds Bluefaced Leicester and Shetland as well as crosses including Border Leicester, Cotswold and Romney. To some extent we are using the UK system of breeding hill sheep (Shetland) with the Bluefaced Leicester creating a crossbred progeny called a "Mule". The Mules then inherit vigor and hardiness from its dam as well as an improved wool clip, increased body size and capacity, higher prolificy (some flocks exceed 200%), early maturity (it is common to breed the Mule ewe lamb in her first year) and milkiness from the Bluefaced Leicester. Currently our main focus is improved wool production but we are also interested in increasing the meat production side and selecting for parasite resistance. Our use of the FAMACHA system in conjunction with rotational grazing has lessened the need for chemical wormers.

We will also be offering registered Bluefaced Leicester breeding stock. We will be selecting for excellent wool, both white and natural colored, good mothers, parasite resistance as well as quality prime lamb production. We also look for hardiness and the ability to grow fast on pasture without the supplementation of grain.

We strive to produce beautiful, clean fleece, perfect for fiber artists across the country. Each of the breeds we've chosen have one or more of the qualities that we desire; long staple, nice crimp, softness and beautiful luster.

Check back often to see how things are going and what new products we'll have to offer.



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